Saut Marasi Manihuruk, S.Pd.

A few days ago, I accessed to search for the information I needed on personal reading matters either in Bahasa Indonesia or in English. I felt amazed that I can still access the information beginning from the year of 1971 if I subscribe for a six-months, a year, and even a life time period. I can enjoy the digitally formatted Tempo Magazine and Newspapers. Though it is quite expensive for me, anyhow information or knowledge management is much more important than the price it offers. For me, did I have a lot of money, it would not be a problem at all. However, I have decided to pay for the price in the sense that I need the information in a digital formatted form to support my profession as a teacher of English.

Digitally sold out means there is a shift of paradigm on processing the information at our digital time. Every area of our life seems to go “digitizing”. From a simple paper letter to an email has shown us digitalization seem to have dominated our life

So, why do we not have to focus on developing our digital processing skill? Everything seems to be simpler than ever before by digitizing our world of life. I have enjoyed the free online digital books, magazines, videos, software, and info graphics in many field of interest. It’s clear that it’s not who has mastered the information will master the world but it’s who has creatively processed information will master the world. In short, computer aided activities and the utilization of digital worlds should be part of my life skills.

It also reminds me of BSE (Buku Sekolah Elektronik) in our education system. All the books can be freely downloaded. They are not actually cheap books but not many people have made the most out of them. Now, people in many fields of interest find it easy to share information on digital forms. However, they are not still able to utilize them in their real life. The presence of more and more digital books, magazine, and still many other forms of information should be well accessed, managed, and utilized.

Digitally sold out has shown that there is a fast shift paradigm on our areas of life and driven us to think and act out digitally. Friends? Let’s make the most out of the being “digitally sold out” fact in our life.

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