Get All Important Details Described on a Car by Car Window Sticker Lookup


People usually get confused and consider VIN decoders and Window Sticker Decoders the same. However, both are meant to dictate the information related to the vehicle that you are about to purchase, the difference lies in the comprehensive information offered by the two.

Where VIN will only give you the basic information about the vehicle Monroney window sticker lookup goes beyond that – from knowing the exact packages to features to options required for inspection within the car to many other aspects. 

What Does A Window Sticker Lookup Tell You? 

When you buy a new car, you get accurate information regarding the same through the car window sticker lookup, whether it is customized features or replaced parts.

However, the sticker might not reflect the current conditions such as recent accidents. You may find the current value of the car whether new or pre-owned (based on miles drove and depreciation over time).

Window sticker lookup is generally used to either buy or sell a vehicle or even file an insurance claim. So, when you plan on refinancing your vehicle ensure you have clearly checked the car windows sticker.

Why is a Car Windows Sticker Important?

It is mandatory to have a window sticker as per the federal law of the U.S. Not just petrol, diesel even the electric cars must have stickers provided by the manufacturer on the side window. 

Known as the Monroney Law, the Sticker is named after Sen. Almer Stillwell “Mike” Monroney, who served as the chief sponsor of the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958, which made the document mandatory.  

Windows stickers can also be used for future references such as for future buyers, which helps them to obtain the reproduction of the original by entering the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN).

Starting with Essential Information Found In Window Sticker

The top left section of the Monroney Sticker dictates the basic information, such as the vehicle’s year, its make, model type, trim, and transmission, its interior and exterior color of the treatments as well as its VIN. However, you can find this basic information by simply obtaining the VIN of the vehicle.

Other than this standard information, you can also get motor type – electric or other, battery info, and charging information. 

Further, you can obtain the vehicle’s model technical info, such as audio systems, climate control features, safety features, lighting, power accessories, seating, and wheel & tires.

The fundamental information is broken for comprehensive coverage of information that can assist in future rust, powertrain, maintenance, and roadside assistance required every year.

Energy and Fuel Consumption 

The second list within the window sticker offers detailed price information. Another major section obtained in the Monroney sticker is the vehicle’s energy consumption. In the case of EV, this box displays the official MPGe rating for city, highway, and combination of both. The sticker shows the number of kilowatts – hours consumed.

You can easily compare the data with a similar car for the best evaluation. You can also find the annual cost to run the EV based on 15,000 miles driven. Interestingly, you can also note the average number of miles a vehicle can operate on a charge or fuel. 

This section further includes the vehicle’s smog-related tailpipe emissions and greenhouse gas emissions, which are mentioned within the range of 1-10. 

With the help of mentioned QR code, you can obtain information such as the commute and driving habits of the pre-owner of the vehicle.

Vehicle Saftey Measures 

Monroney stickers contain a section that mentions vehicle safety ratings. These ratings are taken after certain tests administered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

The test score is distributed from how well a car can protect the passenger and driver from a sudden crash or front collision. Further, side crashes impact is also judged for front and rear seat impacts as well as the rollover risk on a single-vehicle crash. The more star-colored, the better protection. 

NHTSA does not test the low volume models as well as the Electric vehicles, hence you purchase after proper inspection of these cars.  However, few models of EV, such as Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan Leaf, and all models of Tesla have been tested and rated.

To Conclude –

As a car or a truck is built, a window sticker is immediately issued. From basic model – interior and exterior of the vehicle to suggested retail price. You get a comprehensive list of optional equipment from the car window sticker inclusive of the vehicle identification number. 

The sticker is a rich source of information that is essential for anyone who wants to buy a new or pre-owned car. With exact information included within the window sticker, you can understand why and what you are paying for.


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