How can you deal with Avast Error Code 7005


Avast antivirus error 7005 is a common error code faced by numerous Avast users. This error often appears when another program or some file is interrupting with Avast antivirus. But there are also various other reasons which can lead the user to Avast error 7005. 

Possible reasons for getting Avast Error 7005:

  1. The user has installed an incompatible Avast setup
  2. Another antivirus available on the device
  3. Corrupted Windows files
  4. Third-party software is interrupting Avast setup
  5. Damaged registry files
  6. The user has made invalid changes
  7. Device junk in corrupting Avast functions

Best ways for troubleshooting Avast 7005 Error code:

Check the Avast antivirus compatibility

Some people reported that they are getting the Avast 7005 while installing the Avast setup. Getting the error while installation can be due to the compatibility issue. Go to the Avast setup and check its resource requirements. Now open your device and check its specifications. If the Avast antivirus is not compatible with the PC then cancel the subscription and get a compatible Avast antivirus for your device. 

Restart your Avast antivirus

If your error is appearing due to a runtime error on Avast antivirus then restarting the setup may fix the error. Disable your Avast antivirus for a while and then restart it. 

How to disable Avast antivirus?

Click on the taskbar and select the Avast icon and then right-click on the Avast shield control option. Now choose one of the periods and click on the Confirm button. Now your Avast antivirus will get disabled until the period completes and then it will get enabled automatically. In case the user has selected Disable permanently then he has to enable the Avast antivirus manually. Disable your Avast antivirus for some time and then enable it to check for the error.

Revert the system changes

If you are getting the Avast error 7005 after making some changes on the PC then you may need to revert the changes. Some changes may affect the Avast files and start showing the error. Restart your device and then undo the changes one by one. On Windows devices, you can revert the changes on your device by using the System restore tool. Go to the PC and type System Restore. Click on the result and provide a restoring point. Hit the Enter button and the tool will start reverting the changes on your device. Now again restart the PC to apply the changes and then open the Avast antivirus. Click on the Scan button and check whether Avast error 7005 gets resolved or not.

Uninstall conflicting program

Check for another security program on your device. While upgrading the Avast antivirus, people often forget to uninstall the previous setup from the device. If you have another security software (either Avast or another) on the system then uninstall it. If the error 7005 is appearing with a particular program that means the program is conflicting with the Avast antivirus. For fixing the error, go to the Apps folder of your system. Right-click on another security program or the conflicting program from the list. Choose the Uninstall option and wait to complete the process. Now go to the desktop and click on the Avast icon. Choose the System scan option and check whether your antivirus is working or not.

Remove the device junk

The PC accumulates junk files over time. A user should clean the device from time to time. When the device shows you any error, removing the temporary files should be the first thing to do. You can either go to the temporary files folder and delete all the files or you can use the clean manager. Using the Windows clean manager tool will remove temporary files along with all the other junk files. A user can run the clean manager tool by following the given steps:

  1. Click on the Run bar
  2. Type cmd and hit the Enter button
  3. You may get a permission prompt
  4. Select Confirm button

Windows command screen will appear; type cleanmgr and press Enter button. Windows clean manager will list out temporary files and all the junk files on your device. Check the boxes and click the OK button. Once you remove the junk, restart the PC and check for Avast 7005 error code.


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