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Regulatory laws for windows stickers were observed more than a decade ago. Apart from car build specifications, the car window sticker explains the location and many more of the vehicle. This article will give you every piece of detailed information that you can extract from VIN.

Law Enforced for Every New Manufactured Vehicle

Widely known as the Monroney stickers was evolved as an Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958. The act mandated for new vehicles was important for buyers, ranging from specifications and pricing to EPA-estimated fuel economy and crash test ratings.

In 2007, the Monroney label for the windows sticker had an update regarding safety measures. This sticker add-on feature was known as the “Government 5-star Safety Ratings”.

Later in 2013, another section, regarding the fuel economy was added to the VIN window sticker. This fuel economy was calculated by combining EPA estimated city and highway ratings as well as other ways such as fuel costs or environmental impact.

Further, there were more enhancements made within the fuel economy, the new fuel economy provides the estimates of annual fuel cost. This aspect also shows how much a driver will spend on the fuel allowing you to save some dollars. 

The last change made to the Monroney law was related to emissions. This was known as the “fuel economy and greenhouse gas rating” which provides the vehicle’s efficiency and its CO2 emissions. Moreover, the feature contributes to lowering air pollution by assessing “smog rating” which scales from 1-10, where 10 is the best.

The Need for Window Sticker for a Vehicle

Oklahoma Senator Mike Monroney was the first person to recognize the need for a protection law for the consumer. He understands that every buyer has to right to know what he/she is buying. Hence, the law was named after him.

The car’s window sticker was only allowed to be removed by the consumers. The manufacturers were responsible to paste them onto the car window. The Window sticker is also comprised of a VIN for the complete car build specification. 

Decoding the Window Sticker By VIN

When you break down the Window Sticker one by one, you will understand all features including the name of the car prominently. You can also identify the model year, trim and other car build specifications, such as 2018 digits is the model year of the car, Civic is the model name, and 1.5T is the engine size.

The window sticker includes all details such as standard equipment and packages that provide the final rate of the car. So, when a salesperson tells you that there will be an extra charge for the theatre system, then it must be added to the sticker, if it is not added then there may be no additional cost. Taking an example, a car with or without a sunroof may almost cost the same the additional roof does not cost extra.

With VIN in the window sticker, you can find out the features and the cost included on each trim available at the manufacturer’s spec sheet within their website. 

Reading out the law, it states that the car must have all information from make to model for the customers. Hence, manufacturers and the assembly unit ensure that they add every information inclusive of interiors (steering wheel heat to touch screen), exteriors (running boards, sunroof to rok rails). 

Moreover, you will also have other details such as the horsepower, engine specs, under the hood specification, and any anti-theft features or warranty information. Further, you can easily tell which parts of the vehicle are manufactured in which country. 

If you are looking for services or complimentary items, you must look for a dealer to assist you.

What Is Not Considered and listed Within the Window Sticker?

Despite the safety measures taken as the topmost priority, the company’s that manufacture a vehicle might not undergo complete testing of a car. 

It is, however, mandatory for every car designer and manufacturer to go under a car crash test prepared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

The vehicles that are testes are listed on the Monroney. But, there might a few tests such as the bumper absorbing test, break impact, and similar more. If you do not see the vehicle that you select is not listed on the Monroney but has hit the showroom, might not have the “Government 5-star safety ratings”. However, the vehicle is safe and secure to drive, after all the manufacturer would not want to sell a defective one that can cause serious trouble.

With time, we see that rules have been molded and enhanced as per the situations and need to meet. You must have a comprehensive view of the things that are covered and vary.

  • Many manufacturers offer roadside assistance for many years while others may not.
  • Some may provide maintenance for several years while others may not.
  • You must see that powertrain warranties are typically longer than the bumper-to-bumper warranty.
  • Ensure that the hybrid battery or an electric charging system has a longer warranty.

What is the Role of VIN in Windows Sticker

Windows Sticker includes a VIN – a vehicle identification number that contains almost the entire car build specifications. VIN gives you details from the birth of a car, which is the junkyard where metals are crushed and molded to the assembly of parts. 

Hence, a VIN will give you the details of where the tires were assembled to where the oil was changed to repair and maintenance, where necessary. Repair and maintenance are necessary for those who are looking out to buy a pre-owned car and want to have transparency regarding the history of the vehicle. 

It is strictly advisable to not buy the car without a VIN or smeared or tarnished as it might be stolen or have some essential parts stolen. 

To Conclude –

Windows Sticker by vin is a regulatory document delivered by the manufacturer along with a brand new car. Under the Monroney law, the manufacturer must keep transparency through information to the customers before they buy a vehicle. Safety measures are the key to make choices as well as the price of the vehicle. So, you can easily calculate the pros and cons of the vehicle and buy only the best.


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