Identify Alternative educations

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Identify Alternative educations

Identify Alternative Steps for Solving Problems
Based on the results of the analysis that has been done for the first target, it can be identified weaknesses, threats faced by schools on almost all functions provided. In the PBM function that becomes a weakness is the students are less disciplined, teachers krang able to empower students and generally not many variations in providing lessons in the classroom and time less effective. While the threat is less ready students in receiving lessons, especially in the morning and afternoon before returning home. Besides, the atmosphere of the school environment is less conducive and crowded because it is adjacent to the center of the city crowd.
Furthermore, to overcome these weaknesses or threats, schools look for alternative alternatives and the steps to solve the problem as follows:
a. Activation of school MGMP activities
Through the MGMP (School Teachers’ Conference) it is expected that problems can be addressed, including how to anticipate a solid curriculum and seek appropriate learning alternatives and discover the variety, methods of teaching each subject being taught. In the MGMP activities this school has a minimum of one meeting per week, in order to develop teaching strategies and solve problems that arise.
The MGMP schools also develop and evaluate the progress of school learning progress. Evaluation of school progress is done periodically and the results are used to refine the next plan.
School-intensive MGMP activities can serve as a vehicle for self-development of teachers to improve teachers’ capacity and abilities as well as to increase their knowledge and skills in the field they are working on, especially for teachers who are not teachers (teacher mismatch)
b. Delivery of teachers following the training.
Schools can send teacher teachers in turns to attend training at potential and experienced institutions. The sending of teachers is intended to provide additional knowledge and skills of teachers, both in the areas of expertise, teaching methods and various methods, evaluation, after a careful process of identifying the needs of the schools. This program encourages schools to allocate as their budgets for human resource development. Which has not been optimally done.
In addition to addressing these weaknesses, schools through MGMP activities may invite outside experts, subject matter experts to assist teachers in understanding materials that are still considered difficult or help solve classroom problems, as well as teaching methods to determine the most appropriate in providing material of certain subjects.
c. Improved student discipline.
Seeing the results of the assessment in the field stated that the discipline of students is very low, both in following the rules and school rules, as well as in following the lesson and resulting in the social environment of the school becomes less conducive. It is necessary to increase the discipline of students to create a more conducive school climate and can motivate students in learning.
The support of teachers, students, school committees, community and society of adequate education, schools can make good and adequate rules and regulations. The arrangements made and agreed upon must be adhered to, especially students and school residents, especially teachers and employees and principals
With the increasing discipline of students, it is expected to increase the effectiveness of the learning hours in accordance with the time set and improve the learning climate more conducive to achieve better learning outcomes.

d. The formation of guided discussion groups.
This guided discussion group was formed to address students who lack the preparation to study in school. This discussion activity, at least done once per week for each subject outside of school hours.
Group formation is done by the students and guided by the teacher. In each discussion activity can be presented a resource that comes from teachers, alumni or others who are considered experts in related subjects and reside around the group is located.
With the support and motivation of parents, community and school committees in improving motivation to learn, providing opportunities and opportunities to carry out discussion groups, ie each time the meeting can use the house members of the group in rotation

e. Book Procurement Enhancement
Procurement of supporting textbooks in learning activities is still far from good enough as required and supporting reading to support teaching and learning activities by students and teachers. Procurement of library books is directed to support the activities of teaching teachers, including school MGMP activities and support student learning

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