Questioning Approach Learning


Modeling Skills The Way of Learning The Questioning Approach Learning Method is as follows (Lundgren, 1994).
1. Initial Skills
(1) Using the Agreement
What is meant by using an agreement is to equate opinions that are useful for improving work in groups.
(2) Appreciate contributions
Respect means paying attention or knowing what others can say or do. This means that it must always agree with other members, it could be criticized that it is presented to the idea and not the individual.
(3) Take a turn and various tasks
This sense implies that each member of the group is willing to replace and be willing to assume certain tasks within the group.
(4) Be in group
The intent here is for each permanent member in the work group during the activity.
(5) Be in task
This means that continuing tasks that become obligations, so that activities can be completed in accordance with the time required.
(6) Encouraging participation
Encouraging participation means encouraging all group members to contribute to group work.
(7) Invite others
(8) Completed the task in time
(9) Respect individual differences
2. Intermediate Skills
Middle-level skills include showing appreciation and sympathy, expressing disapproval by being acceptable, listening actively, asking, summarizing, interpreting, organizing and organizing, and reducing tension.
3. Advanced Skills
Advanced skills include elaborating, checking carefully, asking the truth, setting goals, and compromising

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