strategies in Education

adi suprayitno
strategies in Education

strategies in accordance with the Ministry of National Education policy, namely,:
1. Equality of educational opportunities
2. Improving the quality of education
3. Efficiency and effectiveness of education management
4. Relevance of education
Because education is a desirable and desirable image of carkstatistics based on faith, piety and culture reflected in the principle of national education principle through cues:
1. Oriented to the future, for a long time
2. Demonstrate a much better future belief, in accordance with the norms and expectations of society
3. Reflect the standards of excellence and goals to be achieved
4. Reflects a strong impetus for the inspiration, spirit and commitment of citizens.
5. Be able to base and encourage change and development of schools in a better direction
6. Be the basis of the formulation of mission and school goals.
As described above that the vision of “superior achievement based on faith and taqwa can be formulated with philosophical sentences that have indicators. :
a. Excellence in score improvement (gain score achievement (GSA)
b. Excellent in various teen scientific master contests
c. Unggiul in religious activities
d. Superior in sports achievement
e. Superior in art achievement
f. It has a comfortable and conducive school environment for learning.
g. Gain the trust of the community

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