variety of learning media


Miscellaneous Media Learning
Students directly or indirectly often see a variety of learning media, such as: radio, TV, posters / pictures, tapes, maps, animals, plants, and so on. Various kinds of learning media are grouped by Isbani (1986: 60), namely:
a. Audio media
b. Visual media
c. The image media is off
d. Live image media (Isbani, 1986: 60).
In this thesis proposal the learning media used is visual or visual learning media in the form of images.
Isbani states, visual learning media is “media that can convey information visually visible and can be observed” (Isbani, 1986: 61).

4. Selection of Learning Media Criteria
Various kinds of different learning media, causing teachers in using learning media need to determine the criteria of selection of learning media.
Isbani (1986: 49-50) states the selection criteria for instructional media as follows:
a. In accordance with the objectives to be achieved.
b. Usefulness / functionalization
c. The size of the students
d. Facilities available
e. In accordance with the skills of teachers
f. Inexpensive practical and economical
g. Can describe the original object

The criteria for selecting instructional media above have been adapted to the instructional media used in the study, among others, in accordance with the objectives of the subject matter to be achieved, utilizing the existing facilities with the skills of teachers and the number of students in high school, cheap, practical, and economical as well can describe the original object. The advantages of image learning media are: “(a) Simple, (b) Cheap, (c) Easy to use specific purpose, (d) Easily stored ‘(Isbani and Sardjono, 1986: 30)

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