Well-orchestrated: A note on a visit to Saung Angklung Udjo


Saut Marasi Manihuruk, S.Pd.

After having a few days’ training at Marbella Suite a few weeks ago, all the participants of Science Classroom Supervision (SCS) enjoyed a field trip to Saung Angklung Udjo in Bandung. Though it was long enough to watch the performance by Saung Angkulung Udjo, at least, I had a wonderful experience—that’s a phrase “well-orchestrated.”

Angklungs named by the islands in Indonesia were distributed to all audience. Then, master of Angklung gave some directions to all of audience with simple instructions; however, it could produce angklung sounds’ singing many songs. In short, it was all because of being well-orchestrated. All the audience enjoyed the performance, but my mind was directed to another way of managing a school.

Actually, a song contains many notes to be arranged in such a way that a man or a woman can enjoy the notes being played. Closely related to the school management, if a principal can play the notes well, I think the school will run to its vision as well as missions. In this case, the notes are those who have job descriptions at school. If the principal can manage them well in many styles s/he has, I believe, the school will able to optimize its potentials for the expected quality. A principle should practice more and more on conducting or managing school so that all the school elements can be directed to their actual paths in order to reach the vision and missions.

My visit to Saung Angklung Udjo is a visit dealing with the correlation between Angklung Perfomance and School Management. The one that I enjoyed most is the way the Saung Angklung Udjo conducted many angklungs to sing many songs harmoniously. In one way, I could enjoy the perfomance and on the other way, I could make it as an important moment to reflect how much I have been practising and impoving my skills to manage a school to its optimum potentials in a harmony and all the school members can enjoy their work because of being conducted with a heart to love each other to reach the collective goals.

This is a writing of thanking to SEAMEO Qitepinscience who has given me to enjoy that important field trip. Bravo SEAMEO Qitepinscience. I will do I have got during the training and I’m trying to well orchestrate the school of which I’m in charge ….

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